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Ken Klein

Ken Klein
Board Member

I moved to Fort Collins back in 2003, literally the day I graduated college and haven’t looked back since. Snowboarding initially brought me to CO while in school, but after getting a job at the University of Northern Iowas climbing wall, a trip to the Needles in South Dakota and a jaunt up Devil’s tower, I was hooked on climbing.

A few things will forever be en-grained in my memory about my first years climbing in and around Fort Collins. The first being how awe struck this farm kid from Iowa was by the mountains and how working at Inner Strength my first year in town, I met so many talented, friendly climbers, most of whom I still call friends today. Secondly, meeting this curly haired dude from Oklahoma who had forearms the size of Louisville Sluggers who would go on to show me just how little I knew about climbing and would be the first person to show me what would end up becoming one of my favorite bouldering areas up the Poudre Canyon. And finally, the countless hours I spent up at Horsetooth trying to send the amazing classics the area has to offer.

I love climbing for many reasons; the movement, the physical nature of it, the focus it requires, the crisp temps on a fall day, the places it brings me, but above all, it’s the people, the community that I enjoy the most. There are many climbers from Fort Collins who were, and still are influential in making me the climber I am today and I hope through the NCCC I can give back a sliver of what they have done for me.