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Why should we fill out an application?

Filling out the application is a requirement for installing new routes at Lory State Park. It helps ensure the climbing community and the parks/counties relationship. The application also helps us regulate our cliffs better so Fun Time Tony Driller doesn’t bolt everything in sight.

What are the benefits? I'm still not convinced..

৹ Better regulation of our cliffs.
৹ Solidifies relationships with parks and counties.
৹ Creates the possibility for new climbing areas/reopened climbing areas and better maintenance of our crags.
৹ Prevents people from installing before climbing.
৹ Prevents gumbies from placing wallowed or badly placed bolts.
৹ Ensures the use of camouflaged hangers and anchors.
৹ Prevents people from mixing metal types.
৹ Ensures the use of Stainless Steel bolts and hangers, so the lifespan of our routes is significantly longer.
৹ Gives you! The climbing community the chance to provide feedback and grants you the ability to see what is new, and what has been approved!
৹ New Route not in the guide book! No worries! It’ll be here!

Application Process?

Once the application has been filled out, the board will review the proposed application and give it the nay or yay stamp for approval. If the application is approved we will then submit the application to the land manager and share it with the public through our blog and Facebook pages.

The Learning Experience..

The applications are a learning experience, and helps all of us (including the NCCC) learn what makes a route, a classic route!

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out the route application and hope you carry the values from this towards areas where there is no regulation.