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Peter Hurtgen

Peter Hurtgen
Board Member

In 2013, I moved to Fort Collins, CO to study geology at Colorado State University. At that time, I had been climbing for two years and had a passion for the vertical world. I had moved quickly from a gym rat to a novice traditional climber with dreams of bigger, steeper walls.

In the last four years of climbing, I have developed a focus in long technical alpine routes, although you can find me tied into a rope at just about any crag in Poudre Canyon. I have significant experience in every style of climbing.

The Fort Collins climbing community is one of the strongest and most supportive climbing communities I have been part of, and I am excited to further my support in this community. As a coach of the CSU climbing team, I am a representative of the student climbing community, and I feel it is import for me to encourage that community to support and engage with the NCCC and what we do for the climbing community.